For those who have come to the realization of the importance of the Name above all Names it is painful to pick up the Word and see the Name of Yahweh substituted with the Pagan title of “Lord”; then to top it off to have to witness the Name of our Messiah perverted to the Greek name “Jesus” (Yay-Zeus). It is only natural for those of us to ask the question, is there a translation of the Word of Yahweh that has rectified this grievous abomination?  The answer is yes! But not all translations are equal… Man’s inherited doctrines have always plagued believers by the deliberate alteration and mistranslation of the original Hebrew and Greek texts by translators to conform with their own beliefs. Let’s examine some of the versions available

KJV KING JAMES BIBLE The trusty KJV (translated form the Textus Receptus) has been long held by some to be the “innerant” Word, yet with the Name of Yahweh being removed and changed to “Lord” nearly 7000 times, it obviously cannot be without error! Some however has gone to the effort to rectify this travesty and was one of the first versions available as a restored Name version. Among a number of obvious errors, there are a number of texts where the translation has been “tweaked” to fit with Christian doctrines. To read an article on mistranslations in this version click the link below:


Jewish Bible COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE This translation was compiled by David Stern to be acceptable to Messianic Yahudim (Jews) and while it does remind one that the whole of Scripture is of Jewish origin, the mighty Name of Yahweh has been changed to “Adonai”. This was done because Rabbinical Jews suppose that the Name of Yahweh of too h-ly to pronounce The Name of Yahushua appears in abbreviated form: Yeshua because the first three Hebrew letters (Yod, Hay, Waw) in the Messiah’s Name are not to be pronounced by Jews either.This version is deinitely NOT recommended as it is firstly, a breach of the Third Commandment to bring His Name to nothingness (Exo 20:7) and secondly to add or remove from His Word (Deut 12:32).


Restoration RESTORATION SCRIPTURES This version of the Scriptures is popular among certain Messianic groups. It is a work of Moshe Koniuchowsky would be commendable except for the fact that this book is NOT the Word of Yahweh alone! This version contains so many “explanatory notes” and “helps” that there is almost more notes than Scripture. As this website warns so many times: it is dangerous to have some man be our teacher. We have but ONE Teacher: Yahushua (Matt 23:8). An attempt has been made to render certain words in phoenetic Hebrew yet even this was found to be in error e.g. “yom rishon” (the first day) Gen 1:5 should read “yom echad” (day one) as in the original Hebrew. There are certain false doctrines “explained” in the sub notes. Needless to say, this version is NOT recommended and it is sad to say that there is NO free version available of this translation. “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matt 10:8 



THE BESORA OF YAHUSHA BESORAH is the Hebrew word for “message” or “report”

This version uses the Paleo Hebrew for the Names of the Creator and The Messiah. Sadly, this translation has a number of notes throughout, again with misleading doctrines. If one wants to sell a separate book of notes as a handbook for their translation; fine, but DON’T add to Yahweh’s Word! It is the only version that has mistransliterated the Name of the Messiah as Yahusha. This translation also includes 60-odd pages of man’s writings, pictures and poems Again, this translation is NOT recommended 


The Scriptures THE SCRIPTURES (1997) This translation has been worked on by a team known as the Institute for Scripture Research and is by far the most literal translation with respect to the Hebrew that is available. Not only are the Names restored and written in Hebrew: יהוה (Yahweh) andיהושע(Yahushua), but all the names in Scripture have been rendered phoenetically e.g. Moshe (Moses), Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah), Mattityahu (Matthew). This translation is based on the Textus Receptus and does NOT include the biased mistranslations of the KJV. This version has but a number cross references throughout and a handful of notes at the very end to explain word choices fo the removal of Pagan words that are attributed to Yahweh in many other versions i.e. Holy, Faith, Grace (all names of pagan gods/godesses). The original 1993 version insisted that this translation was NEVER to be sold and NOT copyrighted and even quoted Matt 10:8. Sadly, somewhere along the way this vision was lost… Here is the quote from the front page: This translation, The Scriptures, is not sold, it is given free! Our messiah said, “You have received without paying, give without being paid.” (Mt. 10:8) Why? Because He gave His all, He gave His life on the cruel stake, in order to save us from all sin, to redeem us from all lawlessness. So all we ask is a donation to meet the printer’s costs – that’s all.




Due to the issues related above in that there is no free hard copy available of the Word of Yahweh with Names restored and one without added footnotes or notes based on doctrines, a group of Messianics has joined forces to solve this problem. This translation is now complete and available through the wbsite link below. As stated above the 1993 version of the Scriptures was never to be copyrighted or sold and this is intended to be a continuation of that vision. This is the ONLY restored Name translation of Scripture that actually honours the Command not to sell the Word for profit! To sell the Word of Yahweh is against His Torah (Lev25:35, Eze 18:4-13) and those who purchase the Word from any publisher would be participating in sin. For this reason and the fact that HalleluYah Scriptures is the ONLY translation that honous the Torah in every respect this is the only translation we can recommend and do so with enthusiasm!

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