“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

There is no doubt that a large number of Christians are “good people” and have a sincere belief in the truth that the All-Mighty Creator sent His Son to redeem the world from sin, but the sad truth is that Christianity is just another false religion that has vague similarities to the true way that the Messiah taught and lived.

If you are a Christian and before you exit this page; ask yourself if you believe that “the Bible” is the “Word of God”…

If you believe this then this article and sub-articles uses that very book to prove that all “denominations” are simply sects that have become larger than the original faith.

All Christian denominations have doctrines that are based on an interpretation of Scripture and have split away from whatever denomination they were originally part of.

The first obvious similarity between ALL forms of Christianity is the fact that they all worship someone known as “Jesus” and call the Creator by a title “God” or “Lord” etc. rather than by His Name. If you have not yet read the article: THE NAME, then click here before you go on:



The Name of the creator is commanded in the Ten Commandments, yet Christianity is guilty of breaking the Third Command by bringing the Name of Yahweh to nothingness!

If you still have reservations, we ask that you take your Scriptures and Pray to Yahweh to open your eyes to what He is saying to you. The only way for any of us to know the truth and to be set free is to match it with the Scriptures: His love letter to us, His children. If what you have learned or been taught does not match up to His word then you are following man and not Yahweh. See to it that no one makes a prey of you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary matters of the world, and not according to Messiah.” (Colossians 2:8)

The most obvious place to start is at the first offshoot “denomination” known today as “Roman Catholicism”. Catholic means “universal” and that’s exactly what the first Pagan, sun-worshipping father of this sect had in mind. Constantine wanted to unite the whole known world under a one world government and universal religion. What he succeeded in doing was to combine all the important elements of all religions into one. This is why Christianity is labeled with a greek name and why they follow a “christ” with a Greek name. The origin of the title: “christ” is the Greek word: “kristos” which is also related to the indian word “krishna”. All these titles simply mean “anointed” and are simply no comparison to the original prophesied Hebrew MESSIAH.

The Pagan roots of Catholicism are evident upon examination of the rituals and traditions practiced which include: “mass”, “veneration of statues (idol worship)”, “Papal deification” “confession”, etc.

This also explains why Christianity is loaded with Pagan traditions such as “Christ-Mass” and “Easter”, also Pagan icons like “crosses” and “icthus fish”.

After over a thousand years enough folks finally realised the truth was contained in the Scriptures (which had been witheld from the people) and formed another denomination and were labeled “protestants” because they actually removed some of the Paganism from Christianity.
Over the next few hundred years however, other doctrines were contrived and led to more and more sects with names defining their pet doctrines or their founder such as: “Lutherans”, “Calvinists”, “Anglicans”, “Presbyterians”, etc.
1Corinthians 3:3-4 For you are still fleshly. For since there is envy, and strife, and divisions among you, are you not fleshly and walking according to manFor when one says, “I am of Sha’ul,” and another, “I am of Apollos,” are you not fleshly? 

In the last few centuries, hundreds of new denominations have arisen; some getting closer to the truth and some further. We will use Scripture to determine just how far off some of Christianity’s cherished traditions and doctrines truly are. Each one of these doctrines is described in brief here; just click the links to learn more about each.

Both the obedience to the Sabbath and the use (or lack) of The Name of YHWH are commanded in the Ten Commandments and the words of the Messiah are clear:
John 14:21 “He who possesses My commands and guards them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I shall love him and manifest Myself to him.” 
Now that you are aware of the full extent of these commands; if you repent and guard them then Yahushua will reveal Himself to you. If you continue to disobey them, you will most likely not see the truth and continue in some of the following traditions of man.

Despite the Sabbath being one of the Ten Commandments written by the finger of Yahweh Himself, Christianity has continued the Catholic tradition of honouring the first day of the week known as “Sun-day” that the sun-worshipping Constantine ordained.

This is not a “Jewish” command, nor a “Seventh-Day Adventist” doctrine; the Sabbath was given to us as an example by Yahweh immediately after Creation BEFORE there was “Jews” or any denomination. For more on this, click the SABBATH link.



Christmas and Easter are deeply entrenched in Christianity. Ask yourself what evergreen trees, a rotund man in a red suit and eggs and bunnies have to do with the birth or resurrection of the Messiah; then click this link to read about these Pagan celebrations:



The three in one “God” is on of those concepts not founded in Scripture, and it’s not always easy using Scripture to refute a belief not in Scripture… Click the link to find out about “the Trinity”:



Does it make sense that we are saved to live a life of contentment; to “take thine ease”?



Even though Christianity claims that the Law and Torah has been “nailed to the cross” and the “Old” Covenant was only for the “Jews”, nearly all of churchianity tries to extort money from the gullible masses by utilising a First Covenant law!
The Renewed Covenant does not mention a “tithe” because the purpose of the tithe under the First Covenant was for the Levitical priesthood, as the tribe of Levi recieved no possession in the promised land. Now that Yahushua is our High Priest forever (Heb 7:17) there is no need for the tithe system.
The gifts and offerings given were for the poor, widows and orphans, etc. and although the tithe for the earthly priesthood is surpassed, true believers would not ignore the Scripture given in the book of Ya’akob:
James 1:27 “Clean and undefiled religion before the Elohim and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

The “rapture” is the term commonly used to refer to the second coming of the Messiah. Just when does the second coming take place? Click below to find out more…



Eternal security or “once saved always saved” is an invention of the Catholic religion that arose through the “indulgences” sold to wealthy folk ensuring them a spot in heaven regardless of their behaviour in this life.



The idea of “dispensations” arose through the Scripturally unfounded doctrine of “eternal security”, therefore the two go hand in hand. The premise is that the Creator has used different means (dispensations) of determining who is entitled to enter His Reign.
This of course flies in the face of His Word. Mankind has only one means by which to be saved, and that is through His Covenant to Yisra’el. We are either grafted into His people through obedience to His Son, or cast out.
Yahweh does not change: 
“For I am YHWH, I shall not change…” – Malachi 3:6


This is the teaching that the “church”, or gentile believers have somehow replaced Yisra’el because of the “new dispensation of grace”. Scripturally unproveable of course, but Christianity is not based on Scripture anyhow. As mentioned above, the only means of salvation has always been through obedience from a loving heart.


The whole “Church” system is Babylonian in origin and again, stems from the Catholic reigion. The “Church” has created an order of hierachy based on the Babylonian religions thereby controlling the masses, or having them believe that they must have a Pope/Minister/Pastor interpret the Scriptures for them.
Yahweh’s Word is clear that we have only one teacher and do not need man to teach us:
1 John 2:27
“The anointing which you have received from Him stays in you, and 
you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as the same anointing does teach you…”
The Scriptures also inform us that we are all equal in His eyes:
Galatians 3:28
“There is not Yehuḏite nor Greek, there is not slave nor free, there is not male and female, for 
you are all one in Messiah Yahushua.”
It is of note that the term “Pastor” (helper) appears only once in reference to the Assembly of believers and is plural (Pastors). Yahweh never intended His people to be “lorded over” but gave us One Head: Yahushua!


The word “bible” conjurs up thoughts of “God’s Word” in the minds of most Christians, but the meaning and origin of the word is far removed from it. The word comes from the ancient word: “Byblion” meaning paper! Apparently so called from the name of the Phoenician port Byblos from which Egyptian Papyrus was exported to Greece. The name given to the recorded Words of Yahweh is Scriptures – the term used by Yahushua and Sha’ul and all believers.
Another sad fact about the “
Bible” is that some Catholic called Jerome decided to name the original Covenant between Yahweh and man, the “Old” Testament, giving the impression that Yahweh’s “instruction for righteousness” (2 Tim 3:16) is obsolete! The phrase “New” Testament was also coined leading people to belive that there is a new way to Salvation (see dispensationalism) when in fact salvation has always been through obedience and the Greek word used for this “New” Covenant is “Kainos” which means “Renewed“.
Yahweh’s Covenant is the same as the “
First” (old?), renewed through the blood of Yahushua.

We as Believers have many things to face up to. We want to live and have everything this world offers, yet the Scriptures say if you are a friend of the world you are an enemy of Yahweh (James 4:4).

We have found the quickest way to judge things in this world (Scripture is the only way of course) is to measure how popular it is in the world. Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.” Luke 6:26. The rule of thumb: If it has a large following then it cannot be of Yahweh. Why you ask? Because Yahushua Messiah was not popular (John 15:18). He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Heb 13:8), He does not change. Only false signs and wonders will follow this generation, no signs will be given, only the sign of Yonah (Luke 11:29), and of course, only a remnany shall be saved (Rom 9:27).

If you want everything this world has to offer, you cannot be a follower of Messiah (John 12:25). If you are spending more time on worldly things other than Yahweh, then you cannot be a follower of The Messiah (Matthew 13:22). If you are in continuous sin you cannot be a follower of The Messiah (1 John 3:6). We are not saying we are perfect, but there is a big difference in planning sin (you are in fornication) and stumbling into sin (you hit a nail into the wall and smash your thumb and say something not right – not that your mouth should say bad words – but you did not plan to hit your thumb). Please do not make excuses. The Scriptures say if you continue to sin you have neither seen Him or known Him (1 John 3:6).








Without knowing it, Christians are followers of a Greco-Roman culture of names, terms, and festivals, all adopted intact from Pagan sources, yet adapted or mixed carefully with ideas and people from the Hebrew Scriptures. 
The mixing together of practices and beliefs is called syncretism.
Every detail of Scriptural observance was omitted, and replaced with new observances. With skillfully crafted reasoning over many centuries, the formerly Pagan observances were camouflaged or wrapped in new meanings.
Sacraments  – YHWH never commanded them, hinted at them indirectly, or mentioned any such thing.  They add to the Torah, against Deut. 12.
Sun-day – the Day of the Sun.
Easter Day – the Pagan festival of the impregnation of Mother Earth by the rays of the springtime sun. Ostara, Astarte, Eostre, Asherah, Eastron, and other names were used for this Pagan deity. It became adopted to refer to Yahushua’s day of resurrection.
Christmas – The winter solstice festival, commemorated as the nativity of the sun, re-thought by Dionysius Exiguus in 525 CE, now promoted as the birthday of the Messiah of Israel. Wreaths (wombs), trees (phalluses), tinsel (semen) & balls (testes) were used to observe the sexual aspects of this Pagan ritual. The tree was an altar where offerings were placed for the deity (Asherah).
The womb wreaths represented Ba’al, and the phallus trees represented Asherah. This is a practice inherited from the ancient Canaanites, specifically Jezebel.

Ultimate determination:
The Messiah of Israel observed none of these practices.
1 John 2:3-6 And by this we know that we know Him, if we guard His commands4 The one who says, “I know Him,” and does not guard His commands, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. 5 But whoever guards His Word, truly the love of Elohim has been perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.6 The one who says he stays in Him ought himself also to walk, even as He walked.” 

If we walk “as” Yahushua did, we do the things He did, and observe the observances He observed, according to the Word of Yahuah.  He lived as our example.  So, how does it become appropriate for us to ignore all the things He did, and embrace Christmas, Easter, and Sun-day, observances borrowed from Pagan cultures? 
This brief comparison page is intended to EXPOSE the darkness and deception that has overtaken the world.

How are Messianics different from Christians?
Both claim to follow the same Person, yet in practice differ in every way.
Ephesians 5:8-11 
For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Master. Walk as children of light – for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, and righteousness, and truth – 10 proving what is well-pleasing to the Master. 11And have no fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.”

You may consider the darkness and Pagan practices exposed;  learn more, and how we are supposed to be living by reading your Scriptures, the Word of YHWH, and order the book “Fossilized Customs” by visiting the links page. 
Find out what pleases YHWH, your Creator.
Messianics are followers of Yahushua of Natsarith, the Messiah of Israel, who also obeyed Torah (The Covenant with Israel).
Our belief is that all people outside the Covenant must engraft through the Covenant, written upon their hearts by the Spiritual indwelling of the Messiah.

Messianics: the true Hebrew Name of the Creator is called upon: Yahweh (yod-hay-uau-hay).
The Messiah’s true Name is used: Yahushua.
The weekly Sabbath is observed as a day of rest, according to the Commandment.

The 7 annual festivals commanded for Israel to observe are observed, and there is no observance of a single “Christian” festival, which are all derived from Pagan festivals.

Christians:  the Creator’s Name is avoided, and instead “devices” or generic terms are used to refer to Him.  Examples are LORD, GOD, and the mongrelized hybrid, “JEHOVAH”.  The Messiah’s Name is corrupted beyond all recognition, to a meaningless Greco-Roman one.
The weekly Sabbath is NOT observed as a day of rest, but is thought to be moved to “Sun-day”.
The 7 annual festivals commanded for Israel to observe are ignored, and replaced with 7 “sacraments”, violating the command to not add or take away from Torah.
Examples of these differences:

Messianic Christian
Observe the Festivals of YHWH
(Deut. 16, Lev. 23)
Don’t obey the Covenant, rather adhere to various “sacraments”.
Sabbath (7th day) Sun-day (1st day) 
Passover Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter
Matsah (Unleavened Bread)
Shabuoth Pentecost
Yom Teruah All Saints Day
Yom Kaphar Christmas
Sukkoth Epiphany
Hebrew Calendar Roman Calendar

Ultimate determination:

The Messiah of Israel observed 
all of these practices listed under Messianics.

Orthodox Rabbinical Judaism –  how about that?

RABBI is a term which the Pharisees were known by.
The Pharisees grew very powerful after the city and Temple of YHWH was destroyed in 70 CE.
The most powerful “rabbi” within Pharisaism arose in the early 2nd century, and he took it upon himself to put the “oral law” into a written form, called the “Talmud”.  His name was AKIBA.
He perceived the Yahudim who followed Yahushua to be a serious threat, so he promoted a false Messiah (Bar Kochba) as a scheme to legally kill the Natsarim, the followers of Yahushua. 

As Bar Kochba rose-up as the false Messiah, his followers challenged the Roman occupation.  The Natsarim would not fight Rome over this false Messiah, and so this gave Bar Kochba (and the instigator, AKIBA), the legal authority to exterminate them – at least in their eyes.

So many Natsarim were killed, and even more driven away.  
Thus, Rabbinical Judaism (Pharisaism) took complete control over the early development of the post-Temple era, and it is still alive and well as an apostate form of religion, mostly due to this “Talmud”, begun by AKIBA.  In it there are fabulous tales of AKIBA’s greatness, and horrendous tales about Yahushua.  
The concept of “RABBI” is central to the Talmud’s idea of eternal life.  Without a “RABBI”, one cannot possibly acquire eternal life, according to Talmud.  
Talmud declares that all Rabbis are infallible.  

AKIBA’s Talmud also declares that YHWH is but one of 70 rabbis, and He must go along with what the majority says.
Many Messianic leaders quote from this Talmud, unwittingly using AKIBA’s rationalizations in their own teachings.  Since Yahushua was called a “RABBI” (my Teacher), it is likely that He was mistakenly thought to be a Pharisee, or the dominance of Pharisaism was so great that all who taught were customarily referred to by this term.  
The word “RABBI” is not found in the TaNaKh  (commonly known as the O.T.).

Ephesians 5:8-11
For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Master. Walk as children of light – for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, and righteousness, and truth – 10 proving what is well-pleasing to the Master. 11And have no fellowship with the fruitless works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.”